With SynaptaGenX, brain chemistry can be rebalanced resulting in rapid relief from cravings. In the short term, this therapy provides a jump start for recovery that allows people to better participate in the other aspects of treatment and to do so with more clarity and optimism. In the long term, it improves the quality and comfort of sobriety and reduces the risk of relapse.

Neurotransmitters are made from amino acids, the building blocks of protein. Several key neurotransmitters are particularly affected by and involved in addiction. These neurotransmitters need to be balanced to their normal state in order for someone in recovery to be free of chronic abstinence symptoms such as cravings, anxiety, irritability and depression. Over the past thirty years, numerous addiction clinicians have begun treating the brain with certain amino acids that can help restore healthy brain chemistry. This is the foundation for the development of SynaptaGenX, which is backed by over 30 published clinical trials.


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